Feel hazy today. Feel like I should get up and live. Living is perception. Living is overrated. Sleep is what I enjoy. I feel more alive unconscious then I do conscious. When sleeping you can do anything, be anything you desire. Dreams feed minds and nurture bodies. When the dream is good you can savor it. When it is bad you can escape it. Why isn’t living more like dreaming? Everything is possible, like magic or childhood. If only I can get nourishment from dreams. Food gives me all the nourishment I need. It gives me pleasure to decide, wait, and savor my meal. Food can make you forget. It can also make you remember. Remember a moment in your life that you once forgot. Not living is suicide, like walking through a parade of clowns and puppies while frowning. Suicide is sleeping through life. Suicide is eating white rice every night. It is ignoring the people you care about the most. I am the walking dead. Everyday I live I die, I commit suicide.

My One And Only True Self