I went for a walk today. A gorgeous day where I would usual stay in bed I broke out. I got dressed, put a touch of make up on (not for vane purposes just to feel pretty), put my curly unruly hair in a messy ponytail with no product, got my comfy sneakers on, and my shades and walked out my front door. I breathed the warm cool air, the end of summer breeze and took the sunlight on the apples of my cheeks, I felt a comfortable warming peace. I proceed down the block feeling a bit anxious but I continued walking with the sun beaming down on my hair, lighting the fading blonde streaks. It is Friday afternoon so there are clusters of people on the blocks as I walk. I walked about 10 blocks, stopped at the store, then walked the same path back home with a quick pit stop at Dunkin. On the brief walk I felt a moment of clarity, comfort, and warmth. I felt happier in that moment of sunshine that I have felt all week. Something that I try so hard to hide from gave me my moment of happiness. Something that I would have normally raced through I savored. My moment of sunshine I will feel you again another day.

My One True Self