I have an enemy it’s called, nerves. I have a friend who is called, dreams. Together they are a recipe for endless anxiety. Apart they both serve a function. A function that we as humans can not live without. Everyone gets nervous and everyone has dreams. Dreams to achieve success. Dreams to fall in love. Dreams to see different places. Dreams to be happy. Nerves will keep you from dreams. It will make you second guess everything. It will make you second guess life. Nerves will take away knowledge, it will take away confidence. It can make you physically ill. Nerves can kill. Nervous dreaming is my salvation. It’s all I know. I dream to conquer. I dream to imagine greater things. My dreams no one can stop but me and my nervous nature. Maybe one day I will take a leap in to a never ending pool, never thinking negatively as I swim through. Nerves will one day be a distant memory and my dreams will be not a friend but family.

One and Only True Self