My days consist of sleeping. My nights I lay awake. During the day I feel uninspired. During the night my ideas and thoughts come alive. Why is this? Is this the norm for me? Well I have been this way as long as I can remember. Even as a child I dreaded the morning sun. My mom would force me out of bed for school, with threats of pouring cold water on me in bed. When the sun would set, the sky gets darker, the moon and stars would shine; so would I. My mind would radiate with brain activity. My mind won’t settle. It is as if I was wired this way, like some unintentional vampire. Struggling to get myself normal, struggling to feel good when I awake. Energy gets low, my mind clears, while my eyes get heavier and heavier. These are my feelings during the day when I should have these feelings at night. Feelings of restlessness, thoughts race, ideas develop, and productive work begins when my lights should be off. When the sky is black, the crickets chirp, and the street lights have been turned on so is my spirit. My spirit is luminous with the light of a cold moon. With the sparkle of the twinkling stars and the chirping harmonies of the nighttime insects. I always had a special bond with nighttime. A bond which I am unable to sleep through.

My One & Only True Self