What is talent? Does everyone possess this? Is it something we are born with or learn? I believe everyone has talent and everyone has something they are good at. How do we discover our talent? We discover it when it is used. We discover it when we discover ourselves. I know I had many talents as a child as an adult I’m not so sure. Not sure what I am good at. Not sure what I should do. Is my talent merely untapped or is it nonexistent? Maybe I am afraid to discover it, afraid to nurture it, afraid that it will change me. I have so many unanswered questions, so many unexplained thoughts. The curse of an inquisitive mind. The curse of an impatient soul. My talent how I long to discover you. I long to know you. I want to know if you are a curse or a blessing. Will you make my unsureness subside. Will my wondering mind feel at ease? Only time, patience, and self discovery will tell. My talent will remain untapped until I learn and live. Live for today and tomorrow, but never yesterday.

My One and Only True Self