What is sleep? Is sleep an old friend that moved out of state to never return just visit occasionally? Or is it an entity that I never really knew? Sleep and relaxation are essential to live a healthy productive life. My life is nor healthy or productive. I feel restlessness come over my mind, while negative thoughts built up. Unanswered questions start bouncing through my brain. A brain that never turns off. A brain that doesn’t rest. A mind that wonders to the worries and fears. My soul is never at peace, something seems to take over. Why can’t the good memories and thoughts take over the bad? Outside my head my life is good, inside my mind when my eyes are closed I’m trapped in my own torture dome. A dome of never ending concerns of the most meniscal kind. A list of things I must complete, things I should have accomplished, things I should have done. Sleep is only deserved for people who work hard, who break a sweat. There is no pill that can dime my racing thoughts, no cocktail strong enough to stop my nervous muscles from shocking, and no joint that can make me float away. Float on a billowy cloud up in the setting sky. Some wonderful paradise that calms my mind and lifts my spirit. Wishing myself enchanting dreams, relaxed body, and sound heart. The beating of a rhythm I come to know.

My One True Self