This weekend was my high school reunion. Ten years since we graduated together, ten years since we had infinite hopes and dreams. Dreams of successful careers. Dreams of starting a family. Dreams of adventurous experiences and travels. Well unfortunately for me I missed my reunion. I did get to reunite with some old high school friends. It was a small fun intimate gathering at one of my fondest neighborhood bars. A bar that I started going to ten years earlier. When going out was new and exciting. When it was the adrenaline pumping thrill of wondering if you fake I.D will pass the test of the bouncer’s eye. When my girlfriends and I purposely tried to dress and act older for one night. When a few sips of vodka inebriated my senses and my brain. I would feel and be free with my inhibitions lowered and my mood heightened. My shy and interfered personality would be replaced by this conflict and sexual person I loved to play. For a few hours I put on a one act play and anything is possible. Those were the days when every weekend was an adventure in your own backyard. Now we are 28 and we start reminiscing about high school days and memories. Talk about where we all are now, drink and dance as if ten years has not passed. It was exhilarating and fun to be in a familiar place with familiar faces. I felt freedom for one night and my worries melted away. My friends and I needed a night like this, to remember how it felt to be 18 and alive. My appearance has not changed much but my mind has evolved. Evolved into a fearful person full of ideas with no action, full of hope and wonderment. Reflecting on my life and what I have been through for the past ten years and what will come in the next ten years. Only time will revile this and time is all we have. Tears and sadness will turn into laughs and joy as we reflect with our friends.

My One True Self