My Little Treats

I was scouting my “self help” apps on my iPad mini on one of my many sleepless nights. I selected one app “Yos” and came across an article called “How to Turn Around a Crappy Day” a blog by The Soul Shine. The article was extremely simple yet profound to me. Brilliant in fact. The article basically tells you to think of little treats that you can do for yourself to lighten your mood, while turning your day around for the better. I decided to give this strategy a try since I have always been an emotional person and I am extremely prone to bad days. The treats do not have to be extravagant nor expensive, in fact the simpler the better and the results speak for themselves.

I am going to start by listing a few things I enjoy that can possibly be my “little treat” in a time of crisis:

1. Talking a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Any type of movement when I am annoyed or angry with something/someone always calms me down and lifts my mood.


2. Getting a hot cup of my favorite favored coffee (I love Dunkin’s seasonal coffee favors like pumpkin spice or peppermint chocolate). Sit down take a few sips and savor the taste and aromas. After 5-10 mins things won’t seem so bad, plus caffeine can be a mood elevator with a boast of energy.


3. Window shop the hottest trends. I love to shop but if you have as many off days as myself this can take a toll on your piggy bank, also impulse buys can make your day worse after the guilt. Window shopping my favorite stores on the mall strip or online always lifts my spirits without breaking the bank. I also email links to myself, save, and share what I find so I engage myself in some activity. Who knows maybe when I have the money I will treat myself to that sexy dress or hot pair of heels I saved. It gives you something to hope and look forward too. Any goal big or small is always healthy for the mind and mood.


4. Pamper yourself to a mani pedi. Going to your local nail salon when your day sucked can put a look of relaxing serenity to the most stressful people. Sit in the massage chair and tune everything out. Shut your phone off and concentrate on what the technician is doing. Let he/she take there time massaging and relaxing you. When you are done, you will feel pretty and serene.


5. Go to your local bakery and pick up a sweet treat for you and a friend. I have a major sweet tooth so something small and sweet always makes me happier. Get something that you never tasted, be adventurous. Maybe the baker even has free samples you can taste. Getting delicious free treats can be even better, free stuff always is. Surprise your friend with the sweet treat and eat it together in a park or other peaceful environment. Your friend will appreciate you more and your mood with get better knowing you made someone else smile.


6. Giving back and help someone in need. Helping someone less fortunate then you is always rewarding, even more so when you feel crappy. Nothing major a small act of kindness will do and it is contagious which is wonderful. Give the bum you pass everyday on the subway your loose change, give your seat up to someone on the train that can use it more then you, hold the door open for someone, or compliment a stranger somewhere on there shirt or shoes. I know when I am feeling blue and someone compliments my style, I feel great. Just knowing you perked someone’s day up will instantly perk up yours.


Those are my treats that I will use when my day is not going according to plan, to lift my spirits and keep my head focused. In the article The Soul Shine’s advice is to add on to your list as you go. Thinking up “treats” and putting them on paper can also be a tool to reduce stress and keep your day running smoothly. Go ahead and give it a try. Let me know if these techniques enhance your mood. It sure works for me.

Credit: Yos article “How To Turn A Crappy Day Around” blog by The Soul Shine.


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