Be afraid when I stop trying. Be afraid when I stop caring. Caring about the right thing or the wrong. Stop trying to make things better. Stop caring or hoping if they ever will. When I express how I feel there is a rotten stench in the air, a bad taste left in your mouth. But it’s only because I care and that’s the way I try to make things change. I am not perfect, no one is. This world isn’t nor is this life. It’s sad how fear can be misplaced and misused. How the act of caring or trying can be misconstrued. My actions have fire and passion behind them, something no one appreciates. I gain power from my emotions and my expressions come out like a beautiful storm on a tropical island. My passion is dying and my fire is dimming to the point where my anger builds up. My energy is misdirected into adventure and deceit. My mind fantasies and my imagination comes alive. My mistrust consumes me and my resentment builds up. How can love be based on this? How can respect? Be afraid when I stop yelling, when I stop caring. Be afraid when I stop trying and my mind disconnects.There is no coming back from this.

My One True Self