We have many friendships in our lifetime. Some last months, others last years, or even decades. Friendships can add meaning and purpose to ones life and create happy memories. As humans we have a natural need for human companionship and we naturally form bonds with people who share the same interest. Making meaningful friendships can be difficult for some, while others form friendships with ease. I am one of those people who has a harder time then others in creating friendships. My introverted ways can hinder my social skills and my skepticism of people can create invisible walls. Friendships form when I have found people that can be loyal no matter what. Friendships can get you through some rough times and it has with me, however it can cause pain and heartache. Forsaken friendships can leave an eternal hole in your heart. It can take a piece of your soul and it can be devastating to your spirit and way of being. I have lost a few good friendships in the past few years when young adults blossom and go in separate directions. When loyalty is tested and betrayal occurs. When we are at the age of self discovery and stress. When we chose our spouse before our friends. When we figure out who is important and who is not, or never was. When we know who will make our lives better and who will stand in the way. It is not easy to make these decisions and it can be traumatic to find this out. People can be complicated, so friendships can be too. People can disappoint and cause us pain. Friendships can stand the test of time and changes only if you want to be in a person’s life. In this growing technological era friendship takes on a different role. A less personal and sincere role. We no longer hear our “friends” voices or see our friends face. We coldly write to them on social media or type a mass text. In this growing selfish society do we even care about friendships? Or is it just another social role we are evolving? My friendships I hold dear to my heart, others I have part ways with. All of my friendships will have a place in my heart and soul. One will remain raw like a gash that won’t heal on my unamended heart. Questions swirl in my head and answers will never surface. Time must go on and my life will too.

My One True Self