Being a young woman discovery is key to ones identity. It is key to ones sanity and to ones true self. My discoveries are small but meaningful, it unlocks something that I never knew. An exciting secret, almost deviant. A playful, confident woman who is capable of anything. My discoveries ooze with warmth yet I feel unsure. Unsure about right from wrong, torn between pleasure and pain. I’m I afraid to see what awaits? Maybe. Discovering something new feels dangerous to me, like going on unfamiliar land without a rifle or going through a dark alleyway without a flash light. The danger heightens as I go deeper into my discovery unsure what I am looking for, but the pleasure continues. Continues and my adrenaline pulses high and my heart pumps fast. My hands shake and thoughts race in my brain. I feel independence and strangely comfortable with sexy confidence. I am discovering myself as a young sexy woman, striving for success and fortune. The places I seek such things are unfamiliar and dangerous, something the old me would sweat and tremble at the thought. Today oddly feels right and a high that I crave. Discovery of myself, a small piece everyday.

My One True Self