Trying to figure out the value of time. Some days I feel like I have plenty of time. Other days time seems to be slipping away. Not sure what to make of today. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. So many things I want to do, so many things I want to try. One moment I feel hope, I feel strength, anything is possible. The next moment I feel sorrow and pain. Like too much time has gone by and I feel worthless inside. I am a young woman I know only 28 years old, with a soul of a warrior that has faced many battles. A wise but gently tortured soul who cares about other people’s pain more then her own. The clock is ticking with no intention to stop. Time is not wasted if you learn. Learn what you want and learn from experiences. Learn who to trust and learn who will make time more valuable. Human life does not last long,when we figure out the value of our time it runs out. Dwelling on time would drive me insane. Just have to learn to let go and live life without staring at the sand hour glass. For when the sand runs out if we are willing and lucky, we can flip the hour glass around. Starting another chapter of our limit-full life hoping this time around life will be limitless. My time isn’t wasted and my choices weren’t squander. It helps mold me into the person I am meant to be.

My One True Self