Women always say that they have plenty of time to get married. Plenty of time to have children. Plenty, plenty of time, right now it’s time to focus on me or my career. Well do we really have enough time? Is money and our “dream” job more important then family? Our society as a whole has this way of thinking both men and women alike. We think we are missing out on something if we don’t take the proper steps and everything goes exactly according to plan. I want to graduate college at 22, then land my dream job at 25, meet the love of my life (preferably with money and he most be handsome), get engaged at 27, get married at 28, and start a family by 30, with house bought. This sounds awesome, amazing, like a dream come true, your life is just on track and everything is going according to your ridiculous timeline. Wrong. You are so very wrong ladies, well for some of you this maybe just how it happened, but for most it couldn’t be farther from your reality. You meet “the one” when you are too young, you slack off on school, graduating is delayed, your “dream” job is nonexistent, you break up and make up with your love several times over a few years, you feel confused, unsure about life, everyone around you is getting married and having kids, and your head is spinning out of control. Sounds more like you, right? Women may think they have plenty of time and I was one of those women, but now I am 28 which is still young but as I was telling myself for 8 years that I do have plenty of time and yes that I am super woman and I can decide the rest of my life in 10 years and have everything perfect. Life isn’t perfect, it is so un-perfect that it is amazing how anything is planned at all. I hate men when I think I have all the time in the world, when I think I can do better, live better, eat better, make more money, I can and I will but why wait til your biological clock has run out? Why wait? When we can experience this crazy amazing ride called “life” with a family you created and that will love you unconditionally. Somethings are not met to be planned or put on hold, life just happens and so does love.

My One True Self