When we as humans, things never seem to go quit right we develop not so fuzzy feelings. When we loose important relationships with people we care about. When we are unsatisfied with our living situation. When we are unfulfilled with our job. When our finances are not where we would like it to be and you can’t afford luxuries. When we are mourning the loose of loved ones. These things happen to us all at different points in our lives. Some people deal with it with optimism (the glass is half full type of mentality), while others dwell and feel misery which leads to fear, sadness, and then depression. Depression is one of the worst feelings in the world and it always sneaks up on people. No one wants to feel depressed, the feeling of consistent pain and suffering. A feeling of worthlessness and that nothing will be ok. A feeling of self loathing and sadness. A cold heartless world that even the things that were once fun seem stupid and pointless. Instead of trying to seek help you feel guilt and you start denying how you really feel almost to the point of optimism (today was a bad day but tomorrow will be better), so you think. To your surprise the next day is just like the last and you keep playing this “so called” optimist phrase “today was a bad day but tomorrow will be better”. Everyone wants to be happy but what if some people can’t? Do we accept that? Is it possible some people are just depressed by nature? What if anything you do you will still feel this way? When talking to doctors and shrinks don’t help. When self medication stops to work. When drowning our feelings in partying stops to make you feel a very slight amount of joy. When your everyday way of life starts to get affected and it gets harder and harder to put on a fake smile, can we accept that? Acceptance might be the hardest thing of all.

My One True Self