I just got finished watching the MTV series “True Life” about best friends with problems and potentially ending their long friendships for good. It was a very intriguing episode which I know most people can relate. I think this was so devastating to the characters in the reality show because it was a loose of familiarity and the force of a dramatic change on a person’s life. Especially with girlfriends which this partial episode was geared towards. It was based on two different friendships with four young girls in there late teens or 20s. In one situation the two girls were in a living roommate situation. The show illustrated the ups and downs, trial and tribulations of the friendships packaged full with emotions. Why is ending a long friendship with someone so emotionally devastating? Like the mourning of someone who has passed away, according to one of the girls on the show. Is it like mourning someone who has died? Is the emotion that much of a devastating loose? Well in both situations on the show one girl seemed to be more emotionally destroyed then the other and there seemed to be more resentment and anger on one side as well. In the end one friendship was amended after a few months of not speaking and the other ended for good. Friendships are just like anything else in life. It is not guaranteed and it is subject to drastic changes and pain. All you can do is cherish the memories you once had with that person and develop better memories with new friends. Mourn the person, remember that person, and never forget the lessons you learned along the way. Sometimes seeing someone else go through a common human scenario that you can relate to can put that chapter of you life in perspective. You can let go and move on, live your life the best you can. Change is beautiful and so is friendship.