12 Reasons Why “Sex In the City” Can Teach Young Women and Girls Today

“Sex In the City” is one of my favorite shows. For all of you that are not familiar (you must be aliens) I will explain. It’s a HBO hit series about four New York City women, in their 30s, living the fabulous single life in Manhattan. It’s all about the glitz and glam of NYC, filled with hot social gatherings, fashion shows, bold outfits, handsome and rich men with powerful strong women. It narrates some common relationship and everyday life situations that, not only NYC women can relate to, but women all over the nation. Well not “common” meaning the lifestyle they live because in fact there is no way a Column writer or an art gallery worker (Carrie and Charlotte) could afford swanky NYC apartments in the best neighborhoods on their own, even though it’s a fun, cute idea. I mean the dating and friendship rules and standards that these women go by (not so much Samantha, the promiscuous one of the group). I have 12 reasons why these ladies from “Sex In the City” can teach young women and girls of today.

1. Always ooze constant confidence. These ladies are always confident, even in not so confident boosting situations. This is why they seem to attract the rich, successful men. Confidence and success attracts the same in a mate. So keep that head up and always strut your stuff.


2. Wine and dine before having sex. These ladies were not old fashion and they did engage in premarital sex, duh. But one thing they did do (most of the time, face it we all have our drunken one night stands) was make sure the man wine and dines before bed. Young girls today give it up way to quick.

3. There is no such thing as too many pairs of shoes, which most young girls already know. So moving on.


4. Friends before men. There use to be a such thing as a girl code (guys seem to have one they stick to, “bros before hoes”), however women have seemed to forget theirs. In the show, there is no men that can get in between these four best friends, which is beautiful and rare.

5. Never judge one of your very good girlfriends. Too many women or girls judge each other too quick especially their closest friends. Girlfriends should learn to support one another more and quite passing so much judgement. It’s bad enough we get it from other women we don’t know and men.

6. Don’t forget about girls night out. It’s true as we get older we seem to forget more often about “girls night out”. Not these four spunky ladies from “Sex and the City”. No matter where they are, who they are with, if they have kids or if they have a man, girls night out is always on the agenda. So don’t forget to get the ladies together for cocktails (idea for only 21 and over) and the young ladies can set up a fun sleepover or bowling night (use your creativity) at least once a month.


7. Love yourself more then your man. If you are a fan and you are familiar with the show, who can forget Samantha’s favorite line to Smith? “Hunny I love you, but I love me more”, all women and girls should follow this advice. Especially today it is so easy to get lost in a man and neglect yourself (talking from experience). Love yourself and everything else will fall into place with your love life.

8. Shopping can be a great form of therapy. Carrie Bradshaw should know this, she spent the value of her apartment on her wardrobe (this is not my advice by the way). Pampering yourself to something new is always good and it can lift your spirits. Whether you can afford Gucci or Rainbow it doesn’t matter the brand, as long as you are happy with your purchase and are within your budget.

9. Fighting over a man is always trashy and never classy. Young ladies of this generation seemed to be always fighting over a man, well the ladies from “Sex and the City” know better then that. Just a witty remark and an evil smile is the most they will go, then on to the next one that will treat them better.


10. Success can be achieved without twerk videos and sexy selfies. The one thing that I envy about the time period of the show is the lack of invective technology. All they really had were big cell phones and basic laptop and computers, well it was the late 90s. Women were not exploiting themselves on the internet to make a quick buck. They had actual careers, wow.

11. Restaurant lunches face to face, not face chat or skyping on the smartphone. These ladies were always out and about, at fancy restaurants, hot night clubs, and red carpet social events. In person with friends, sharing laughs face to face.


12. Friendship between girlfriends is a precious treasure. This is very true but often taken for granted. Friendships do not last forever, people change and move on. These four ladies know how important friendship is and they are always their for one another. Might be the most important lesson women and girls can take away from the show.

There you have it. Seems to me women of this generation can learn a thing or two or twelve about the “Sex and the City” fierce foursome. I know I have throughout the years


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