Fun Adult Halloween Games

So you decided to stay home this Halloween instead of doing your usual crowded Halloween pre-bought ticketed party some where. You mentioned it to a few of your friends and they all agreed, so you decide why not having a Halloween gathering of your own? But you need to come up with some kick ass Halloween themed drinking games to occupy the night. Here are some fun ideas to help get your Halloween hoopla underway.

  1. Zombie Eye Ball Beer Bong. Which is basically the same set up and rules as regular beer bong but with a spooky twist.


What you will need:
– a large long table in an open space (your living or kitchen will do).
– twelve to sixteen plastic party cups (pick out a fun Halloween color and or pattern).
– eye ball ping pong balls (at least four).
– two small bowls filled with water
– red food coloring
– lots and lots of your favorite beer

How to set up game:
– arrange the plastic cups pyramid style on opposite ends of the large table.
– make up teams of 2 to 4 people.
– fill 1/4 of beer to each cup making sure that each cup has equal amount of beer for each team.
– put a few drops of the red food coloring to make the beer look like blood.
– put water bowls on the side to clean ball when ball goes on the fall, one for each team.


How to play the game:
The object of the game is to get your eye ball ping pong ball into the other teams beer cup, when you do they have to drink and when they do you have to drink. You have to keep a good distance from the other teams beer cups to make it both challenging and fair. When you sink a ball in the other teams beer your team continues to throw, if you don’t it’s the other teams turn. When one team gets the other team to drink all of their beer that team wins and faces another team who wants to challenge. Get creative with your strategy on ways to win. Freak the opposite team out with bold and scary actions as a distraction and make up your own set of rules. This makes it different and your own. For example if I get three of your beer cups in a row you need to sing your favorite Halloween song while doing the running man, haha. Something unique and Halloween themed so it is more exciting for people to watch that are waiting to play.


  1. Bobbing for Liquor Apples In Beer. Which is regular apple bobbing you did at the fair as a kid with an adult beverage twist.


What you will need:
– eight to twelve apples
– large bucket
– beer
– liquor
– rope and/ or blind fold (optional)

How to set up game:
– soak apples in your favorite liquor overnight in the fridge.
– set up large bucket in a place and height that your friends can bob for them easily.
– fill up bucket with beer high enough to the top that your friends can bob for them but not too high that it’s too easier or too hard. You want to make it so it’s fun for the person playing and also fun for people to watch.
– put liquor soaked apples in beer bucket


How to play:
– each person takes their turn bobbing for an apple
– after they get apple they can enjoy eating liquor soaked apple
– you can make it interesting by blind folding and/or tying the person who is bobbing hand’s behind their back (even if you don’t do this obviously using your arms or hands to assist is a no, no).
– you can put other things in the beer to trick the bobber like fake spiders, oranges, balloons filled with fake blood, etc (make sure they float though like the apples). Use your imagination and creativity to make it fun and your own.


  1. Drunken Halloween Memory Game. Which is the same memory game you use to play as a kid, matching each pair of cards that are the same. Whether it’s a number or symbol, depending on the type of cards you decide to use.


What you will need:
– playing cards and/or Halloween themed picture cards (you can probably find this at a party store or if you have time and are feeling creativity you can make your own).
– favorite liquor
– shot glasses (you can be creativity by putting the liquor in toy syringes instead of a shot glass which you can find in a party store).
– red food coloring (optional)

How to set up:
– mix up cards
– set up cards face up on the table
– have everyone study cards for a few seconds, depending on how wasted everyone is already.
– flip all of the cards face down.
– fill up shot glasses or toy syringes with liquor. You can put a few drops of red food coloring in liquor to make it look like blood, especially if you use the syringes.


How to play:
– take turns flipping a pair of cards to see if you get a match.
– if you do you go again and if you don’t you drink a shot.
– then the next person goes until cards are finished.
-whoever gets the most matches wins and is the most sober.


There you have it, some fun games you can try at your next Halloween party. Let me know if you try them this Halloween and how your friends enjoyed them. This post is obviously for people 21 and over (underage people do your own G rated or “virgin” drink versions of the games). Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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