I was flipping the channels in bed looking for some good, bad TV to watch and I came across an interesting show, “Prison Wives”. Yes it is exactly how the title sounds, a group of women who are married to prisoners. Now when you hear this and picture the women that would put up with a “prison husband” you would think they are older, not attractive, and on the obese side, right? You would think they were involved in a car accident that caused brain injury or was in a horrible accident that caused permanent disfigurement. Well with these women that is not the case at all. They are all young, attractive, and seemingly intelligent women. Not drug addicts, gang bangers, or poor unattractive women, but normal well spoken women who seem to be broken or living in denial. Women who are seeking love from a man in an unconventional dangerous, yet guarded manner. To totally commit to a man who can commit in several years or in some of these women’s cases, not at all. These women who seem to have their whole lives ahead of them choose to marry prisoners with long sentences and violent convictions. Why? This is exactly what this show documents. The day and life of these young women and how they live their lives. How they can talk to their husbands or be intimate with them. Some of these women have never even been intimate with their prison husbands at all. As I watched this episode of the show, I found myself more intrigued and wanted to understand these women and follow their struggles. Did these women need help or acceptance? Do these women seek danger or attention? Maybe they do but who are we to judge. Stay tuned for more opinions and analyst on this show as I watch these ladies on their journey with their prison marriages. Can they handle leading taboo lives?