I read this blog and I felt an instant connection to the title “I Wanna Live Not Just Survive”. It provoked me to read it and feel this women’s struggle and pain. She is a strong yet emotionally sensitive women like myself. I had to re-post and share this blog. Here’s to all of the people who are brave enough to share their struggle.

My Pain, My Life, My Struggles, My Fight

I wanna live not just survive
I wanna be able to wake up happy
Not always cry

I hate feeling this way
But thats whats inside
So I have to let it out
So I wont scream and shout

Im a Inspirational Poet
My struggle is real
Just by looking at me
You wouldn’t even know it
Because no matter what im going through, I always manage to keep a smile on my face

But deep down inside theres a bitter taste thats trying to subside
But thats not always easy to do
Hide all of the hardships my family and I are currently going through

Yeah…who knew?!
Im Poetically Spoken
And I fell too
That just goes to show you the struggle is real

I just wanna be able to live my life and be happy, well…thats just how I feel

We tried seeking help but no one seems…

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