I was rummaging for a quick easy breakfast recipe that I can cook in the microwave (don’t want to dirty any more pans on stove). I came across a few interesting ones but I decided to try my luck at “Microwaved Poached Egg”. Even though I am not very fond of eggs the process intrigued me to try something new, plus I never tried poached eggs before.

What you will need:
– 1 large egg
– a microwave safe bowl or custard cup
– 1/8 teaspoon white vinegar
– 1/3 cup hot water
– salt and pepper


How to prepare:
1. Pour hot water and vinegar into microwave safe bowl.
2. Crack large egg into bowl.
3. Gently poke yoke with toothpick.
4. Loosely cover with plastic wrap.


How to cook:
1. Carefully put bowl into microwave between 40 to 90 secs. (Depending on temperature of water and strength of microwave). In my microwave it took 1 minute.
2. Be careful not to over cook because egg will explode in microwave under high pressure (speaking from my first attempt experience, haha).
3. Egg will be cooked when whites are solid and egg yoke is slightly runny.
4. Scoop out egg from water and vinegar bowl.
5. Place on whole wheat toast with butter.
6. Sparkle salt and pepper for favor.
7. Eat and enjoy.


A recipe that turned an egg-cellent egg hater to an egg-traordinary egg enjoyer. Give it a try and share your results.