Starring Luke Evans as Vladimir Tepes, Dominic Cooper as Mehmed, and Sarah Gadon as Mirena, “Dracula Untold” is one of the underdog blockbuster movies that people should hurry up and experience on the big screen. Under advertised and under previewed online and on TV compared to its revivals “John Wick” and “Nightcrawler”, “Dracula Untold” yet an old story that has been told before, illustrated a ring of renewal to the timeless tale. The sinister acting by both main characters and kingdom revivals, Vlad and Mehmed is impeccable. The lovely Mirena, who played the wife and queen of King Vlad is a act of loyalty, love, and beauty on screen.


“Dracula Untold” is the ancient story of how Dracula was born. Before Dracula is created he is born a Transylvanian king named Vlad Tepes who is married to Mirena and they have a young son named Ingeras played by Art Parkinson. King Vlad known as “The Impaler”, from his skilled and ruthless fighting techniques conquered many kingdoms. Vlad and his army was fighting war for 10 years when they finally get a chance for peace. As Vlad, his family, and kingdom celebrates he is surprised with an unforeseen request from the King of the Turks, Mehmed. The request is 1,000 young boys to train into an army for the Turks including King Vlad’s son, who is only ten years old. Vlad reluctantly signed the agreement, but later breaks it by slaughtering Mehmed’s best warriors. This gets back to the Turkish King and war is waged. Desperate to keep his family and kingdom together Vlad seeks a dark and evil power from a monstrous creature, a vampire. The vampire makes a deal with Vlad and agrees to give Vlad his powers to defeat the Turks. The catch is not to feed on human blood within three days and the vampire’s powers will disappear. Feed on humans and remain a vampire for all eternity. Vlad accepts the challenge and the exciting story begins.


This movie is action packed, with cool effects, seamless editing and directing. The cast is amazing together and convey their characters magical essence. The monstrous vampires come alive and the blood spilling gore is fantastic. This movie keeps you engaged in the easy to follow plot while rooting for the usual villain yet hero in this version of the story, Dracula.


I recommend you go see this movie ASAP and let me know what you thought of this underdog cinematic blockbuster waiting to happen “Dracula Untold”.