Carrie’s blog on Introverts I can totally relate. I consistently hear “your too pretty to be angry or sad” or “smile” or something to that affect. I am an Introvert and we think way too much hence the seemingly angry or depressed expression. Introverts are consistent thinkers and worriers and Extroverts will never understand. Thanks for sharing Carrie, I hope you didn’t mind I re-blogged your article.

Carrie Rubin

Do you judge a human book by its cover? Assign people personality traits based on their faces? Better be careful if you do.

Image credit: Microsoft Clip Art Image credit: Microsoft Clip Art

New research highlights the risk of judging people’s characters based on their facial expressions:

Those assumptions affect how we’re treated.

For example, if we’re blessed with a welcoming expression, we’re more likely to be seen as competent and trustworthy. Therefore, we win elections, become CEOs, and bring more boys (or girls) to the yard.

Uh oh, spaghettios. This doesn’t bode well for introverts.

The Introverted Face

The article discussing this research features an example of an introverted vs. extroverted face (The Introverted Face). To avoid using their image, I’m posting one of my own. My apologies for its American Horror Story scariness. Lord knows I would never have posted such hideous self-photos in the past, but with age comes blissful indifference. And…

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