Betrayal is trendy as ever this year. Betrayal from friends, family, coworkers, landlords, the guy selling bagels at the store, the guy that does your laundry, etc. Anyone and everyone can betray you in an instant and without warning (which is really tricky and annoying by the way). As many observant people who are good judge of characters think (ME!) they know an untrustworthy person when they see one, that is not always the case. I myself thought I choose only great people to be in my life. Only people who I can trust, relate to, who are kind and generous. People that would treat you as they would want to be treated. People who would be there for you in your time of need. People that would always be in your life for the long haul and be loyal. Well I can officially say I thought very wrong! Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of good people whom I can still count on, however I have been betrayed this year by some people who I would never expect. I would never think of this person who is the one that can break my spirit and cause me so much pain. Pain that doesn’t go away just gets buried only to resurface without warning. Betrayal is one of the worse things you can do to a person whether you realize it or not. It is like taking the best part of a person and the connection you have and shattering it with a hammer. You can try to put it back piece by piece but that part will never look or feel the same. It will never be the same because the shape and texture of it has been forever changed. People take “betrayal” to lightly in these days. You even see it being portrayed continuously in media, whether it be TV, movies, the news, the internet, etc. With endless forms of media today you can get an endless supply of betrayal. You want to betray someone on social media go to Facebook or Instagram, right? You want to watch it as a form of entertainment, there are plenty of reality shows that cover that. The news is full of “real life” betrayal so don’t forget to tune it to that. Betrayal being so super trendy this year it’s no wonder why I am experiencing it frequently by the people I care about the most. Betrayal is the new black, however it’s definitely not as chic as that little black dress. Maybe one day “loyalty” or “trustworthiness” will be the new black. Doubt it would make a good reality show, but at least we will build better relationships with people. In turn building a better world.