Nothing looks quite as festive as the holiday decorations you see around New York City. It makes the seemly gloomy winter nights of the city light up and warms you’re heart and spirit. The lights are more colorful and brighter then ever as we walk down the streets of Rockefeller Center. The streets sparkle with the gleam of Christmas which brings a warm smile to my icicle face. My cheeks are rosy and my nose is red, my hands buried deep in the pockets of my brown wool coat. We walk down the street faster to our destination, the giant Christmas tree in the heart of Rockefeller Center. It glistened green, colorful and extremely tall. The lights and other Christmas spectacles around the tree did not take away from the attention nor the beauty of the tall strong symbol of Christmas.


Tons of people gathered around fighting for the perfect viewing spot and picturing taking spot. People on line to ice skate around the giant ice rink near the tree. A huge projection of a Christmas show on the side of a historic Manhattan building. Lights sparkle like fairy dust in the snow. Hearts warm in the cold winter night and joy comes over angry cynical New Yorker faces. Vendors on the street selling roasted nuts, fun merchandise, warm winter gear, and portrait drawing. Cops riding horses around like guards in some sort of magical fairy tale. Bicycle taxis trying to haggle rides from frozen couples. Every where you look is magic and wonder. How Christmas has changed Rockefeller Center into something so magical and innocent in such a dark and dangerous city. People seem nicer and happier whether it’s genuine or fake it is still nice to receive. Things that are seen everyday seem interesting and different because of the holiday season. Seeing the Christmas tree has awakened a hidden holiday spirit. I am glad we made the trip, until next year.