New Years Eve 1st Annual Coney Island Countdown: 2015

Frozen fun at Coney Island, we had our own New Years Eve countdown in Brooklyn. Closer then Times Square with a modest crowd of local New Yorkers. Definitely lots of fun despite the bitter winter chill. Hopefully this will be a new start to another historical NYC tradition. Gotta love living in the best city in the world. Anyone else who made the trip share your experience, pics, and videos. Thanks.

6 thoughts on “New Years Eve 1st Annual Coney Island Countdown: 2015

  1. Yeah it was very cold! They did some fireworks I caught some of it on my video. It was just way too cold to stay for the whole thing. We left 10 mins after the countdown lol.

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  2. Must’ve been cold by the water. Were there fireworks?


  3. I don’t think they did much advertising about it. I only saw a story on the local news channel telling ppl about it. The crowd was not crazy either, I hope they do it again next year so you can check it out. Something local and different indeed.

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  4. I didn’t even think about coney island. Next year. I was with some friends in Manhattan


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