I’m tired of crying, tired of ranting and raving (not the techno kind). Tired of feeling hurt and betrayed. Tired of keeping faith and being hopeful. Faith is dead and hope is barely hanging on. Toxic people act as a venomous snake as the hopeful people are the unsuspected mice. This is the way in the animal world, survival of the strong and the weak scatter. Tired of feeling like a negative can turn into a positive. There is no amount of negative that will ever make a positive, only positive can become positive. Negativity will forever remain in the dark shadows, lurking. Stalking it’s prey. Waiting for an opportunity to pounce like a lion hiding in the tall African grass patient and calculated. Studying the gazelle for its chance to start the hunt and chase, then kill. Animals need to act this way to survive, so to us it is not mean or cruel. People act this way to fulfill their needs. Fulfill an evil, devilish desire. Then eventually the victims get tired and give up, surrender their fate. I am not a mouse nor a gazelle. I am not weak but at times I can be negative. Positivity tries to sneak its way in but negativity is more manipulative more tempting. It is easier to feel anger, pain , and hurt. It is easier to feel hopeless, faithless, and defeated. Being bad is so much easier then being good, maybe that’s why people gravitate towards it more. Evil comes into your life with a smile, kind words, and a helping hand when you need one the most. It’s comes with lies, empty dreams, and broken promises. Tired of feeling so defeated. Tired of making excuses. Time to learn and live, and be able to apply past knowledge to familiar scenarios. This is my journey no one will determine where I take it but myself. Being tired is not bad, it means you are finally waking up.