Letting go of anger. Letting go of pain. Letting go of anguish. Letting go can be extremely difficult and it can be a long and hard process. It can raise many questions without any answers. It is a mourning, a loose even what we are letting go seems like something that is good in our life. Even when we swear we can’t live or go on. Distractions get in the way and we forget why we are here. We forget what our purpose is and we feel loose. Loose brings on sadness and pain. It robes us of what is familiar to us and that brings on stress and anxiety. Crippling anxiety and panic, unable to move or feel but the mind never turns off. Peace does not exist. Sleep is longed for but can only be achieved with medicine. Even when asleep peace is still not felt. Rest will never come and everything seems hopeless. Let go of negativity. Let go of frustration and know you can’t control certain things or people. You can’t control what people think nor do. You can’t make people see it your way because they can only see it theirs. People are different and that is beautiful. Love is beautiful pain like a mother giving birth to her child. Like rescuing a helpless person from a dangerous situation. Let go of all of those feelings of uncertainty and let in the light. The light of faith and hope. The light of forgiveness and salvation. My light shines dim in a corner of a dark, damp, and cold room. It is warmth and comfort in a cruel ruthless world. I want to let go and be happy, it is so hard to do but I must try. I am worth it and I have the strength to do it. Let go and let God in.