I finally finished one day of my first week at my new job in the city, Park Ave South. I rushed to the subway station on E 28 and Park Ave and ran down the stairs to get to my first train the 6 line. I wait for about 5 minutes when the train comes and is already crowd. People piled in a small train cart like sardines in a can. I managed to squeeze myself in a cart and the fowl stench hit my noses immediately. I couldn’t help but shout out, it sinks on this train as I covered my nose with my thick pink scarf. It smelled like a combination of strong urine ammonia smell with poop, super strong and disgusting. I hold my nose as I stand in a smelly sardine packed subway cart with a bunch of strangers. Can this ride get any worse uh maybe not worse, just more gross if that is possible. Yes it can. As the train goes and stops at each stop more and more people start to finally clear out. I quickly start finding a less smelly place to stand and I pass the source of the stench. It was smeared on the train bench, a brownish yellow stain. As I passed the disgusting human mess on the seat it wasn’t empty. Well the area around the stain was of course, but a desperate disgusting elderly Asian man is sitting on the stain with a red plastic bag on top. Eeeewwww! The grossest thing I ever saw on the train, well at least top three. He was very calm, reading his newspaper and had his legs crossed. All he needed was a drink, pipe, and slippers and he would be right at home. I starred in disgust and amazement has I rush by and say, I don’t understand how anyone can sit in that! Gross beyond belief. Besides the horrible smell, what about diseases? Bacteria? Does he care about cleanliness or hygiene? I want to know what that Asian man did for a living. What is so exhausting that you would rather sit in human mess, then stand? The weirdest people ride the subway and don’t care who knows it. The subway becomes your home away from home, unfortunately you have to share it with a bunch of weird gross strangers. Subway stories in NYC.

If you have a funny or gross subway story you want to share, please comment. I would love to hear them. Thanks 🙂