I recently got a new job in the city and I have to take the subway to commute there. If anybody has rode a train in NYC should know you can see some very interesting events on the way to your destination. I take the Q line located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. On this particular morning I got on a cart with loud talking teenagers. It was barely 8am in the morn and these kids were already aggressive and picking fights. I was standing and viewing the annoying show, then to my delight someone got up from their sit and I quickly grabbed it. Unfortunately this sit was a bit closer to the aggressive and loud teens. My view was blocked by standing train riders, but I still heard them loudly. Two of them were arguing and going to fight each other in the cart with everyone around. A young man stood up to tell the teens to calm down, he was wearing a hard hat so I assume he is a labor worker of some kind. The heroic hard hat got the teens to stop for a few minutes here and there, however the teens were still loud as ever. One of the teens pushed the other in my direction as I sat in my seat annoyed at the entire situation. I told one if the teens that is was too early for fighting and anger. I told them to settle it after school and not on a train full of people. His friend who pushed him away from the fight agreed with my reasoning. Finally I thought the drama would be over. I tried to close my eyes to create my own sense of peace on the noisy, busy morning subway. Then the Hispanic older woman next to me asked me about the loud teens. I turned to her with a smile and said to her, kids will be kids, especially young boys. Just when I thought I could get some rest before work, the loud teens started arguing with two young woman on the train across my direction. The hard hat told them to stop and finally it was those loud teens’ train stop. Finally the ordeal was over. For something that seemed like hours in real time was only about 10 mins. The rest of my commute was seemly normal and I got to work safe. NYC subway story.