I have been unemployed for 5 months, the first time in 9 years. I think that is pretty good and I am proud that I have held down jobs, even if I hate them. It showed me responsibility, patience, and determination at a young age even though I am still pretty young being only 28. My first “real” I got was at 18 yrs old. When I say “real” I mean a job that you are on the books, pay taxes, have a boss, and a location you have to be responsible to get to at a certain time every day. Before that I was babysitting because no one would hire me because I was too young and looked even younger. So I have held those jobs. One as long as 6 yrs with several promotions, even if it was just a retail store and I was only working there until I finished college. I am pretty proud of it and it is only now I realize how responsible I was at such an early age with few major f ups and not as nearly as much as my friends at the time. Then I was going through a real rough patch in my life and fell into a deep depression, so I simply stopped going to work at the worst possible time. The time when it was all on me to pay rent, utilities, food, clothing, etc. the essentials any civilized person needs to survive and be a productive member of society. Yes, my first year in my first apartment totally on my own. I will not go into detail the emotions I was feeling or how I did survive those 5 months with no “real” job but I did and I am still in this same apartment. Now I am on week three of my new job and it is awesome but long and can be stressful, which leaves me little time to do what I really love. What kept me going through really dark, and depressing times, my writing. My research, my blogging, my promotions, and everything and anything social media. When you are unemployed and a productive person like myself, you eventually pull yourself out of depression. Get the name and number to a good therapist, talk it out, and work out all the things you like and are making you feel bad. Then you get hobbies, rediscover what you really love. The things you use to do when you were a kid. Before hard, stressful school work. Before going through puberty and liking the opposite sex or the same, which ever floats your boat. Before stressful time consuming boring jobs that you had to have for going out money or money for books. Mine were writing and drawing, I thought I was going to write my own books and illustrate art for those books. So I started the modern day popular version of that old fashion childhood dream, a blog. My blog that I love and with that blog and my own searching I hooked up with an amazing vocalist and songwriter, Gorgeous Frazier (check her sound out: http://www.soundcloud.com/gorgeousmuzic). She needed some help with PR and assisting so I found her “help wanted” ad on Craig List. We met and I work for her, she has become more then an employer but a friend. Then she loved my blog and the effort I put into her career and dream, Gorgeous recommended me to another strong business woman and entrepreneur, Carmen the creator and founder of CC Event that led to growing fashion company, Fashion 4 Purpose (check out their site: http://www.fashion4purpose.org). Carmen, who I haven’t had the pleasure to meet yet has given me the opportunity to appear at her exclusive events and other fashion events that are being held in the New York City area. I write about that event, get contact info, and photos. These two amazing women gave me the opportunity to do what I love and gain experience with comfort and confidence. I am still doing work for both and I love it. I appeared at Gorgeous’ Valentine Affair Showcase, which a piece for that is coming very soon with fabulous pics and video. I went to another amazing event presented by a Fashion 4 Purpose with donations raised for a charity. The Red Carpet Pop Up Shop and Fashion Show, which was fabulous a piece for that is coming too. So to recap I started a new full time job on Park Ave selling small business loans, which I am on the phone with hundreds of people a day. My third week started today and it is a 40 plus work week, then I come home do the work I need to do for Gorgeous or Carmen which I love and do not want to give up. My “dream” job and something I hope to earn enough money to make my full time job. So lately I have been living life more then just observing and writing about it. I want to make more time for both in time I will find a happy balance.