On a cold and snowy Valentine’s day tucked away on the nineth floor high rise of a tall New York City building, a vocal showcase of musical talent and exclusive after party. At the Spot Karaoke Lounge, fusion Asian cuisine with tasty drinks that light up and an elegant contrast of the light and dark decor. The open dance floor that doubled as a stage for the featured talent of the night. The soulful Black Eyed Pea feel of talented duo, Bret Bulter talented singer and amazing guitarist and Decent, entertaining performer with a “Will I Am” prosonia. A fabulous start to an amazing V-day show. Hosted by Gorgeous Frazier (organizer and featured vocalist of the night) and beautiful lady in pink as her co-host of the night. Both dynamics were fun and sexy as were the performers: Bizzy Bee, Inkco Shorty, Love Guru, Romano Ivy,  Jillian, Conflict just to name a few. A cool mix of R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, and even some moving slam poetry. The Valentine’s Day Affair showed even with a cold wintery mix outside doesn’t damping the hot V-day energy that was sizzling on stage at, The Spot. Saving the best vocalist talent for the grand finally was, Gorgeous Frazier herself. Giving a little sneak peek of the songs she has written and produced herself and showcasing the reason that their should be #NoFilterNeeded when it comes to Gorgeous’ performances. Hitting those high notes with ease and rocking out with her talented guitarist. Those performances made the perfect end to a talented filled showcase with amazing food, drinks, and crowd. The DJ dropping those crazy beats with the videographers and photographers capturing it all. There was no other place to be this Valentine’s Day and I am glad I got to be a part of such an amazing musical talent. A mix of music, creativity and art with the recipe of drive and grind by the hardest working independent artist in the game, Gorgeous Frazier.

Check out some short clips of the Valentine’s Day Affair here:

V-day Performance Showcase Clip

Amazing Guitarist Video

No Music Needed Showcase Clip

Beauty in White Poetry Slam Video

Love Couple, Equally Talented Performance Video

Talented Female Artist Short Clip

Talented Male Artist In Red Video

Gorgeous Frazier V-day Performance Clip

Gorgeous Frazier, Save the Best for Last Video