My now very familiar and draining winter work commute at one of the most popular and crowded train stations in NYC, 14th Union Square. I was walking rapidly from one train to another and another small crowd of people I saw got me a little curious. What was about to happen? What was going to go on? It’s nice to know some people can stop to smell the roses, even if those roses smell like urine and rodents. Some beauty can certainly come out of a filthy grimy place and here it is….

Opera House @ the train video

Just when I thought I saw the best of it and was about to make my way back to wait for my usual Q train back to Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn, another beautiful surprise…

Amazing Male Opera Singer Video

I have never had the pleasure nor the privilege to attend an actual opera house yet but this literally brought tears to my eyes. I am glad that people can still appreciate beauty on the most familiar yet busiest places in the world, a New York City train station. Today it was Carnagie Hall.

Carnagie Hall @ the train station video