Racing through the 14th St. Union Square train station is like walking through a parade. There are always crowds of people speed watching to get from point A to point B and fun attractions to look at on the way. People preaching, painting, selling hopes and dreams, or just simply entertaining jaded New Yorkers with raw God given talent. I was on my journey to my usual commute home from work through the grimy train station that always has a damp musky smell and these mature talented singers and guitarist caught my eye. Check out this short clip I took of them as I headed to the Q train….

Old Dudes Rockin Out Video

On the opposite side of the talent spectrum and a different train commuting day, I raced by another talent artist. The sign he held up as he sang his heart out read “Follow Fattyboy Crank on Instagram”. So young with such heart and raw talent, I had to stop to take a short video. Check this out…

Fattyboy Crank Short Clip

More talented artist and entertainers from the train station to come. Check out much more videos and amazing talent on my YouTube page….

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