As we are walking from a delish Italian restaurant, bellies full of good food and fabulous wine. We make our way to the National Opera Center in NYC eager to view Kat Swanson, talented vocalist performing a series of beautiful classical pieces. Meeting Kat from work and then seeing her perform so beautifully on stage was inspiring. She simmered radiantly in her blue sparkle gown and her blonde curly locks pinned up half way with diamond specs inside. Organized by Kat’s vocal instructor and Soprano, Michelle Trovato and hosted by charming narrator, Ricky DeRosa. Featuring Dror Baitel as collaborative pianist, and other talented female vocalist, Ginny Weant and Krystle Henninger. Kat Swanson simply shined on stage with her vibrant voice and her moving performance, capturing emotions of love, betrayal, sorrow, and suductiveness; while entertaining to the audience from the first second to the last. Multi-talented, Kat also performed classical pieces in both German and Italian, which were so beautiful you didn’t have to know the translation to appreciate the song or performance. Kat Swanson performed a series: Simple Songs, Cowboy Songs, Three works from The Maiden, The Marriage of Figaro, The Consul, and The Light in the Piazza. She nailed every song performance with grace and dedication to each note. My personal favorites were:

Kat Video 1

Kat Video 2

Kat Video 3

Kat Swanson went from diligent smily administration worker to amazing, vibrant and sassy opera vocalist. I am so glad she invited me to view this organized recital with delicious complimentary wine, cheese and crackers to follow. We talked, laughed, snapped pictures that created life long memories. Culture, sophistication, talent, and art. This is what moves me and sparks a bright light inside. A loving sincere message from the star herself “You have the most beautiful soul. Thank you for being so amazing and passionate about music and life”. A message that will be held dear to my heart. Looking forward to hearing more from Kat Swanson, check out more of her HERE