Long Road Home

Long Road Home” can be a description of many things. It’s a journey that we all take and experience in different ways. Krystle Henninger is a talented artist and song writer. I was lucky enough to get invited to her exclusive album release party and sneak peek of her tracks from her debut album “Long Road Home”. The album is amazing and the lyrics are moving and relatable. Everyone including myself is on their own journey through life. Krystle Henninger captured those struggles along the way perfectly in her lyrics. The smooth sound of Krystle’s voice really brings those lyrics alive and forces you to draw a vivid picture in your mind. A picture that can be painted by emotions and understood in your heart. Another contributor plus an amazing artist herself, my coworker Kathryn Swanson. She helps Krystle coordinate her events and assist in numerous musical projects. Krystle performed her tracks with a beautiful orchestrated band in a quant little room located at 244 Studio in New York City. The room was small but glimmered with tiny white holiday lights and smiling faces ready and eager to hear all that hard work pay off. Krystle’s theater group from Columbia University was there to support her musical career and bop along with the songs. Krystle is an amazing women, who accomplished many milestones in a short period of time. I know this is only the beginning for her and I look forward to witnessing more raw talent come alive. Krystle and Kat are perfect explains of intelligent, talented women who want to make a difference in their lives and the world. Follow Krystle and Kat on social media and stay tuned to more exciting events coming soon.