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Subway Talent 

Commuting in one of the largest cities in the world can be adventurous. I am talking about the one and only New York City, the big apple, the pee capital of the world. The only way to get around the fastest way is by train aka subway. I commute from Brooklyn to Manhattan then back again Monday through Friday going back and forth from work to home, home to work. I have seen anything from fights on the subway, intimacy, bodily fluids coming out (both number 1 and 2), preaching, crackhead speeches, etc. My favorite and most memorable part about the train is the people you see and meet while riding on. I am one of the rare breeds that commute headphone free and rarely have my nose buried in a book or electric device. I like to take in all of my surroundings, and thank god I do. Talent is on overload at the subway especially by 14th street Union Square and Altantic Ave in Brooklyn. So many talented singers, dancers, instrumentalists, poets, and artistic people. I can’t help but take the raw electric energy while capture a video or two while in the process. I post all my videos on YouTube search Catherine Reilly Reilly. Here are some of my favs, enjoy.

Lil Man Breakin’ it Down

Train Pole Dancing

Crazy Beatz

Girl Belting It Out on Platform

Hi I’m Opel

Let me know what you think of my scouting so far. Check out these talent people on social media. All comments and opinions welcomed. If you happen to take a video of some “Subway Talent” please share. Let’s spread the talent and people around the world.

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