Too much commercialism. I am all for buying and selling because this is what makes the economy go round, however I feel too much can blind us from the really important things that can easily be ignored.

  1. Compassionate for One Other
    Why do we have to be threaten during the holiday season to be kind to each other? Even as children if we weren’t “good” the threat was that nothing will be underneath the tree on Christmas morning. Compassionate should be year round, but it is nice that we see it more during the holiday season. Just during a small favor, giving a helping hand, or flashing a smile to someone who looks like they are having a rough day can mean the world. 

2. Peace on Earth
I understand that with all the recent crazy and tragic events that have been happening this could be a very tough one to accomplish, however can we please try to keep the peace with each other? Even if we can’t stop certain events that may be happening abroad, let’s start in our own backyard. Make peace with that annoying neighbor with the barking dog. Don’t let the little things anger you and try to kill it with kindness. This may surprise you how people can respond to calm, cool, and collectiveness; especially in a confrontational situation. Violence causes more violence so let’s all get along around the holidays maybe it can spill over to all year round.

3. Spending more Face to Face Time with Family and Friends 
I know this maybe a hard one if your family and friends don’t live in the same state or country as you, but how about surprise them with a visit this holiday season. Flights can be expensive but how can you put a price on memories you will create while you are there. Technology makes it possible for us to stay connected wherever we are, however human connect makes us all warm and fuzzy inside especially during the holidays. Hugging a tablet may not do the trick, let’s take a long drive or book a cheap flight and give our family and friends a huge hug for the holidays. No Black Friday shopping required. 

Now try to spread the love this holiday season with everyone ❤️