I know people do this every year and I myself have probably done this a million and one times, however I am doing it once again. Making MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!!! I want to make it as simple, carefree, and as fun as possible so I have a few ideas. 

  1. See a new place once a month. Appreciate it, take in the moment, then choose what you want to do with it. Some moments are meant to be shared and some are meant for you only. I will decide when I go to that new place which one is meant for me.

2. Do something to make yourself smile everyday. I need to make myself happy more often so I want to deciate a moment to myself each day. Whether I buy myself a little treat, listen to my favorite song, tell a funny story to a coworker or friend, or all of the above. Something small and happy can go a long way. 


  1. Do something to make someone else smile everyday. Do and repeat. Tell a joke, hold a door open, let someone skip you in line, or all of the above. Sometimes doing something good for someone else is enough. I feel like a lot of people forget that.


  1. Meet someone new and take something from them you didn’t think you would. Not literally, I don’t want to steal from anyone. I need to learn more from people, broaden my horizons. I feel stuck and bored. Maybe this can give me some excitement in my own backyard.


Please take the time to look over my list. Add things, subtract things, give me new ideas, say what I am doing is too cliche or dumb. I really want, no I need your feedback. Thanks everyone and have a Happy New Year.