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Delicious Brooklyn Steak

Brooklyn has one of the most eclectic restaurants in the world. It is a city where you can practically get any type of food your little heart desires at any hour of the day. Steak is one of my favorite meats to eat out especially if you go to a Brooklyn stable that’s been here for years, Peter Luger Steakhouse. I went to the one located on Broadway in Williamsburg Brooklyn. When you get there you notice the simple yet elegant brick and dark wood exterior with the gold shiny sign that ensures you that you are at the right place (no tiny signs that you can hardly see like many exclusive restaurants in the city). Then you step in and your nose is bum bared with the intoxicating smell of aged German beef cooked to perfection (my perfection is medium rare). In front is a massive shiny cherry wood bar with friendly old school wait staff to greet you. Keep in mind this restaurant is reservation only, so we did not wait to be seated. We sat in the back near the wall which was the perfect view of the entire dining room that we were in. Right away you are greeted with your waiter who doesn’t only bring you your meal, but also is knowledgable about the history of the restaurant and the different cuts of beef. We of course order the house steak for two with German style hash browns and a glass of Pinot Noir to bring out all of the favors of the meat. When the food came out the waiter explains the different cuts of meat and serves you a taste of each with there deliciously famous steak sauce (which is fabulous without as well). Then we were served the crispy German style hash browns, no ketchup necessary. We talked as we savored every delicious morsel. The waiter was very attentive and witty with sleeked back black hair and glasses. All the waiters dressed in the classic style waiter uniform, white shirt, black pants and tie. Everyone looking very neat and clean. On the ceilings I notice beautiful golden chandlers, dimly lite. We were too stuffed to eat dessert but we sure got that to go, their famous creamy cheesecake with homemade whipped cream. I will let you know how that is when I taste it. The restaurant is not cheap so it’s not for an everyday types of meal, unless you can afford it of course. The crowd was mixed with young and old, couples and friends or families with little kids. The time we when there weren’t a lot of kids but we did help sing “Happy Birthday” three times which was cool. I would definitely come back to Peter Luger Steakhouse. It is a simple classic restaurant with delicious food and great olden spirit.

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