Beloved Children’s Cartoons Who Are Totally Gay

I have been watching more and more cartoons lately. Usually late at night when I can’t sleep which gives me a feeling of overwhelming comfort. The comfort of parents, no responsibilities, school, and play. I was always one of those kids who felt a little more relaxed and mature for my age. I embraced adulthood and responsibilities way too soon (nothing to do with my parents, they were great), it was just part of my personality. Now I wish I was a child for a little longer because being a young adult in NYC is pretty rough. Anyway my point is cartoons are the shit, but you do notice certain things about these beloved characters that you cherished so much as a child. A lot of them are gay. Let’s go through some that are most definitely gay and why I came up with those conclusion.
1. SpongeBob SquarePants 

I can’t believe I never realized this as a kid and I wasn’t even super young when this cartoon came out on Nickelodeon. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this cartoon here is a short clip that you can watch to get an idea. Gay moment

I know right! How can I have not realized this before? Maybe it’s because we really didn’t recognize “gay”, “straight”, “transgender”, or even “bisexual” when I was a child growing up. I also went to Catholic school most of my life so I guess I wasn’t exposed as much as others. Anyway the clues are as follows: 

  • SpongeBob never had a love interest the entire series of the show. He always hung out with his Starfish friend, Patrick instead (wink, wink). Gay moment

– Spongebob is extremely meticulous in regards to the up keep of his Pineapple house and his job at the Krusty Krab. The fact that his house is a Pineapple too I guess haha. Gay moment

– SpongeBob’s overall personality and mannerism should have sounded off some serious signals as well. The fact that he is a super trendy dresser with his bow tie and spenders doesn’t hurt. You will also see him wearing the thick black framed glasses occasionally as well. I guess that can be considered hipster by today’s standards especially in Brooklyn where I am from. 

2. Vanity Smurf 

I just noticed this the other night when I was watching Cartoon Network Smurf clip trying to fall asleep. I love watching cartoons at this time because all the “old school” ones that I remember and even my parents, as a kid. It was so obvious and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. The signs are:

  • always concerned about appearance, which is the meaning of his name so I guess that’s a big DUH!! Vanity montage 

– A pink flower in his hat that he has at all times. Keep in mind this is before the color “pink” was considered “manly” or “unisex”, which I don’t think it should be especially light pink. Sorry for the real men who wear pink and are proud and straight. 

– Extremely good taste and fashion sense. You can always catch him giving the female smurf, Smurfette advice and gusting with her about things. 

Smurf clip 

3. Peppermint Patty clip

Yes one of the characters for the beloved children cartoon “Charlie Brown” is a lesbian and it took until adulthood to figure this out. – Peppermint Patty only wears flannel.

– She refers the the main character Charlie Brown as Chuck. Clip

– She also is always seen hanging out with her best friend of the crew Marci, who refers to Patty as Sir. Clip

Today these labels are more apparent then ever. Kids are identifying as early as toddler years and elementary school. It is everywhere now which I don’t think is a bad think just a little strange to me. I don’t buy that a four or five year old knows who they want sexually. They hardly know their ABC’s or 123’s how are we really going to take then seriously when they say they want the opposite sex? This whole thing just seems a little unrealistic to me. 

Finding these clues in today’s characters that children are watching after school are more obvious now. Times really have changed since I was a child which wasn’t so long ago. Not a bad thing just a little strange to accept. 


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