“The less energy blocks you have the more connected you are to beauty”…. My favorite quote of this post and very informative as well. Open up your mind, body, and soul to the purest and most life giving thing on earth, water. Thank you sarahcampbellblog for sharing.



Hello beauties! I want to devote this blog post to my recent journey into water fasting; as I received a lot of back lash and hesitation from friends and family before and during my venture. I am absolutely fascinated by all natural modes of healing; the human body has got to be the most beautiful and awe inspiring thing to me, especially as I delve deeper into my studies in nutrition. Fasting is probably one of the most amazing and potent modes of healing the body, I was absolutely enthralled with all the information I found when doing my research on the topic; as it is the most beneficial thing for mind, body and spirit. Nutrition and spirituality are the two most important aspects in my life and I am always striving to become centered in both of those aspects; so when I got to learning about how fasting greatly…

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