I usually never ever win anything, and this time I did. One of my friends threw an amazing online beach party to inform everyone on an easy and delicious way to get fit for the summer, and more importantly to get healthier. I am sure you heard of this brand, Beach Body. Andrea Newhall is one of the representatives that can help you get started and shade some like on those most asked questions. She came up with this creative and fun way to spread the news and love through social media. If you join the group each day you can get more informed about different aspects of each program and be in the drawing to get to win some cool free stuff. You don’t have to post anything, like anything, or even be online at the time of the drawing. She also has her incredibly adorable daughter help with the drawing as she records it on video for all to see on Facebook. Check out the video she did for me! All you have to do to be included is join the group and watch the free stuff roll in as you get educated on living a healthier life through Andrea Newhall  and Beach Body. My free gift that I am waiting for via mail is some delicious shakes. I will let you know how good they really are when I make one for myself. Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner, no better time then now to check this out.

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