“In the midst of a busy life take sometime out to be a kid again”. – Fortune Cookie


I saved this funny fortune cookie quote from work and kept it by my desk. It stood with me during a few desk moves at work when we renovated. During my lunch break today I kept starring at this tiny piece of paper and wondered what this really means and how to apply it? Then I thought of the perfect solution. Fun activities for adults to do this Spring/ Summer to feel as carefree and joyful as you did when you were a kid.


  1. Run through the sprinkler.

Set up a sprinkler in your own yard, go to a local park, or if the neighborhood kids still break out the wrench to release the Johnny pump that would do fine (don’t get in trouble with the police or fire department lol). Doing this on a super hot day is liberating and sure will cool you down.

  1. Buy some colored washable chalk and create a unique piece of art with friends.

My friends and I always did this on my porch, stairs, and yard growing up. The landlord would get angry until he found out it would wash away in the rain or water hoe. If you aren’t feeling very artist another fun idea is to build a giant hop scotch and have a tournament with friends and family. If you have a private area or yard you own you can also make it interesting by turning it into a drinking game with beer or shots (only if you are 21 and over of course).

  1. Play Marco Polo in the pool.

If you are lucky enough to own a pool this works great for you, however if you don’t there is a solution. When I was growing up we always had those big over-sized blow up kiddie pools. It can fill up to 3-5 ft. of water and can fit 3-6 people or more depending on the size you get. Cool temporary idea for the next BBQ and you will totally feel like you are six years old again. I’m sure so will your guest.

Try these old school fun ideas this Spring/ Summer. Please share photos and experiences too. Be a kid again and enjoy life.