When One Door Closes Another One Will Open

I have to say that today is the first day that change is certainty coming. A force that has come into my life, not by surprise, but still a sudden change that I could not control. Happy and excited for what is to come and a little scared of the unsure. This is probably the most personal post that I have ever written because it has to do with my life. This is usually something I would keep to myself and have people find out, trickle by trickle. There is no point in doing this anymore because what I am going through is a common thing. Everyone has gotten let go from their place of employment or will one day. Yesterday was that day for me and I never felt so free and alive. I have been at this job for a little over a year so I didn’t make a huge commitment to the company, if I did maybe things would have been different. I would still be confused, frustrated, and unhappy. Now I have the chance to finally think about what I want for my own future. I can spend my days waking up without a care, until bills start piling in. Money is a material thing that our society makes so valuable, but without it, who are you? How will you live? How will you eat? I am not worried about these things because I will find a way. Anything is better then waking up unhappy but surviving. Life was not meant for people to survive, it was meant for people to enjoy and live. This is my time to make my list and start living finally for me.


These are the things I want to do with my life:


  1. Get up and get Healthy


I want to feel good and the only way to achieve this is to get active. Exercise is an amazing way to feel good about your self and it curbs depression. I use to be such a yoga head and I want to get back into that. Yoga frees your mind, body, and spirit like no other exercise and it whips your body into shape fast. Walking around the neighbor to get fresh air and sunshine is a must to get your self up and out of the house. It’s been a little tough doing that currently in New York City because the weather has been horrible. Taking a walk in clouds never hurt anyone though and cool air is better then no air at all. Even grabbing a friend or two to have a chat as you walk can be a nice change in pace.


  1. Indulge in your Cravings


Taste different foods and savor. Food is something so many people take for granted. People treat food as if food will never run out but we should treat it like a treasure that we are so lucky to have. Have ice cream for breakfast and pancakes for dinner. Enjoy a salted pretzel in the park, get a hot dog from the dirty water stand, and try to create a memory with your meal and savor. Pack a picnic in the park near a lake while watching the ducks and swans swim.


  1. Take Some Time to Relax

Don’t over exhort yourself because you have plenty of time. Not being patient enough can cause unneeded anxiety and stress, which never helped anyone. Take a nap in the afternoon, who cares! This is your time to do this, while you still can. Make sure you wake up early everyday to keep yourself on some sort of schedule. Go to bed at a decent time to, don’t fall into bad habits just because you are not employed. Spring is the season of renewal so what better time then now to renew your self.


  1. Don’t Forget about Fun

 In between doing the things that newly unemployed people do like updating your resume, applying for jobs, and looking at ways to make any money toward bills that have to get paid, have fun. Still socialize with friends and family. Be included in the normal Spring/ Summertime stuff; don’t alienate your self just because you don’t have a job. Look on the bright side; you don’t have kids or a husband to worry about, only your cats and your self. This is the best time to go through this right now. Go to the movies and eat out. Own the fact that you don’t have to answer to a boss like everyone else. May be you can become your own boss one day and this is also another thing to consider later on. When the weather gets warmer go swimming and soak up the sun. The beach is one of my favorite places but being from Brooklyn, N.Y., the beach is only good two months out of the year. I plan on doing a lot of writing on the beach this summer, which should be interesting because this is something I never did yet.


  1. Organize Your Living Space

 This is something I didn’t have the time to do before but I definitely have the time to do now. Clean out, get rid of, and organize my place. I plan on donating a lot of stuff to charity instead of selling it. I can use the money but I crave the good karma even more right now. I yearn to do something good for someone, in turn helping myself from too many material possessions I don’t need. I want to start by cleaning out my closets and donating unwanted clothes, then cleaning out my draws, cabinets, and bags of stuff. Organizing into decorative bins and keeping only what I need and cherish. Riding myself from clutter and opening up space and maybe rediscovering myself in turn.


  1. Keep Positive No Matter What

 Stay positive is the best thing you can do right now. Negative thoughts will not help you now. Do positive things to ensure positive outcomes. Maybe rediscover religion and spirituality, walk through nature and respect the earth. Commit yourself everyday and do something productive and don’t forget to reward your self for the little things, like finishing a courageous blog entry. I know I am an intelligent young woman that life never really began yet. I am a nervous anxious person by nature and this is something I don’t have to change about me, but I can learn to control and embrace. Life is way too short to worry which sounds like a bad cliché, but has a great amount of truth to it. My job is a part of my life but it is not my life and it does not define who I am. I am excited about how this journey will pan out.

 Please read my story and help me through this tough time by sharing an event in your life that you did not expect, but ended up being a blessing in disguise. Life is not worth living without unexpected surprises and conflicts to overcome.

2 thoughts on “When One Door Closes Another One Will Open

  1. Thanks!! I want to be completely honest with you though. I got let go but I was not surprised by it at all. I deserved it but I am not looking at it like a bad thing. It was just a job anyway and I am looking towards the future now. Thanks for sharing Bradley 🙂


  2. I love your attitude. Most people would never quit their job, change things in their life and happily start with a clean slate.

    You’ve got all these changes going on and you seem happy and optimistic about your future. I’m excited for you.

    Liked by 1 person

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