I got my free package from the random drawing I won on Facebook promoting the Beach Body fitness programs. Check out my previous post, “I Won, I Won” to refresh your memory. Andrea Newhall one of the Beach Body representatives selected my name from one of her drawings and mailed me my free gift which I just received.

I am super excited to rip this package open and try one of these delicious health shakes Andrea was raving about. I got three favors, green berry, strawberry banana, and chocolate. 

I love chocolate so I will make that one first. Seems simple enough to make, just follow the instructions on the back of the package. 


Mix shakeology package, 6oz-12oz of water or almond milk, and ice in a blender. Mix to desired consistency.

Garfield my cat loves to help in the kitchen 😺 See video below ⬇️

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Mine come out a little messy because I forgot to tighten the blade to the pitcher so the bottom leaked out a little bit haha. Anyway I hope you like my raw attempt to capture some step by step videos of me making the shake. In my own kitchen straight out  of Brooklyn with my iPhone 6s. The blender is a retro off white that I got from my dad when I moved into my first place in Dyker Heights. Just goes to show you that stainless steel appliances may look better on video but retro white gives a little extra charm. I poured the shake in my Dad’s old beer mug which I stole from my mom, popped a straw in it and done. 

Now I am ready to enjoy my delicious Shakeology chocolate shake. I can’t wait to try the other two favors so I can let you know my favorite one. So far this chocolate one was pretty tasty and there was enough for me to have one for dessert and have a breakfast shake in the morning. The taste is chocolate protein that energizes you and fills you up. Check out this link for more info on Shakeology from Beach Body. Make sure to reach out to Andrea to learn how to win your free gift. It’s so much fun to win something for free especially something so healthy and delicious. 

Let me know if you or someone that you know ever made and tried the Shakeology drink. Please share your experience with comments and/or photos and videos. Thanks and do your part to made your life a little more delish.