Hey everyone! So I got to try the other two Shakeology favors that I won for free on Facebook. I already tried and gave my honest opinion on how easy it is to make and how delicious it taste, “My Package Has Arrived“. Check it out to refresh your memory. The first shake was so tasty plus very healthy for you and filling enough to be a meal replacement if you are trying to shed those extra inches before bikini season. The other two shakes green berry and strawberry banana were just as good. 

I am a little surprised on how good the shakes come out and how easy they are to make, especially with me. I have no talent in the kitchen what so ever but I do try to make fun and easy things. I blogged about one meal I attempted that came out delish

Directions & Ingredients

  1. Shakeology package, 8-12oz. Of water or milk (I use almond milk), and ice.

  1. Mix all ingredients in blender to desired consistency. 
  1. Pour and enjoy.

But seriously the shakes are yummy and my favorite one out of all three has to be the green berry (which I was most skeptical about its taste). It’s green color is so pretty and that shake came out the creamiest of all. It taste exactly how the name sounds too, green berries!

 The strawberry banana was delicious too and the color was a pretty light pink. All three shakes consistencies was creamy and icy at the same time which probably has to do with my ice and almond milk combo when I mixed it, recommended by the beach body representative that mailed me the shakes Andrea Newhall

The Conclusion of my Shakelogy taste and make test is graded an A! I would definitely reach out to Andrea and Beach Body to get some for myself. They are so easy to make and take about two minutes and gives you the energy you need to start your day plus sweet and delicious enough to have as a treat after a long day. I had the chocolate shake has a healthy after dinner snack, the strawberry banana for breakfast, and the green berry shake for lunch. I split them up in different days because I only had three favors, but once I get more I would probably have one for breakfast everyday and maybe another as a not guilty treat for the end of my day. 

My cat Milo jumped up on my kitchen counter and  took a little taste when I wasn’t looking. This shake is not for cats but it was too cute not to capture. He loves helping me in the kitchen while being a curious little cat.

Next time I should let him do the review haha. I hope you will get some shakes for yourself and let me know how you enjoyed them. Please comment and sure thanks for the support and get your shake on!