This store is a crazy cat ladies dream. Ripndip Popup store located on 118 Orchard St. in New York City. A catoriffic place that sells all cute cat Ripndip merchandise. 

While I was in the lower east side of NYC to interview for a position in a popular seafood restaurant, I came across this creative store with this hilarious in your face painted all white cat with pink nose, paws, and eyes.

As I was snapping a quick pic one of the store associates shouted “Hey, you can’t take a picture without at least checking out the store”. I laughed as I walked inside to check it out. I felt a little weird going into a store like this especially without having any money to support the store at the time. The friendly associates didn’t seem to mind as I snapped pics while gushing about how fabulous I thought the store was and is. 

I had a very friendly and informative conversation with Gabriel (follow on Instagram @ G_les_sky) as he was telling me the cool event that is coming up. He said that they were having an event May 28th at Ripndip to showcase some art and of course in turn sell some killer Ripndip merchandise. I told Gabriel that it sounded like fun and I would be sure to come to that event. 

This catbulous store is crazy cool and super trendy. If you love hilarious off the wall art and merchandise or you a crazy cat lady like me you would love this Popup shop. Gotta love NYC, lived here my whole life and still amazed by what new things I see everyday.