Summer is my favorite time of year and living in Brooklyn, N.Y., that means summer attractions are up and running. Brooklyn is an exciting city with lots of fun things to try. My go to summer place this year is Coney Island Beach, Boardwalk, and Lunar Park.

Coney Island is an exciting summer place to be. Catch some rays on the beach. Feel the warm breeze of the ocean in your face while you try not to get pooped on by an oversized seagull, unfortunately I wasn’t so lucky my count is three so far, ewwwww! 

Scout people and see how much fun they can have on sand, building sand creatures and castles, burying one another. Playing catch, volleyball, or frisbee is fun on the sand too and it is a fantastic way to get some workout time in. Don’t forget to take some cool unnecessary selfies. 

Then you can take a stroll along the boardwalk where there is plenty to do and see. Street people performing, staff workers promoting merchandise, food and drinks, restaurants and bars. You can also take a picture with a beloved children’s character for a modest price. Every time you go something new to see and many people to meet, both locals and tourist alike. 

Lunar Park is a fun amusement park located between the beach and the street. Previously called Astroland new management restored old classic rides while adding some cool new ones.

Hot spots for young adults to get some cocktails, dance, and meet new people. Margarita Island a cool Tiki style bar with delicious frozen margaritas, bikini contest, and amazing DJs. Located near fun games and attractions with two entrances for guest. 

You can’t go to Coney Island without trying one of Nathan’s famous hot dogs which goes heavenly with a jumbo ice cold beer. One of my favorite comfort foods to have by the beach and this is one historic staple that stood strong in Coney Island. 

Cool restaurant by day and club by night, place to the beach located right on the boardwalk in the heart of Coney Island. Fun dance music and strong mixed cocktails. I have been there for both day and night, my favorite is to go there during the day plus the night will charge you a cover at the door. 

The summer is only half over so make sure to make your way to Coney Island before it’s too late. Firework spectacular every Friday at 9pm which is always fun to bring the family and friends too. Something about the beach and the summer seems magical to me. Brooklyn has a reputation of being diverse and cultural but a little rough around the edges, you know especially if you are a born and raise Brooklynite like myself. I feel like Coney Island now, does bring a little spark of magic back into this rough city and it definitely has something for all walks of life. 

Once you start your special summer affair with the beach you can never go back. Please share your videos, pictures, and comments about your special summer place. I look forward to hearing from you all. 

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