Depression is a sneaky S.O.B.

It tries to get over on me.

Depression is a frenemy.

It disguises itself as comfort when it’s only intention is to hurt me.

Depression is an embarrassing uncle.
It doesn’t care how it affects you as long as it is entertained.

Depression is a naughty pet.
It poops and pisses all over your life without warning or regret.

Depression is a sad clown.
It looks funny to others but is slowly killing you inside.

Depression is a lollipop.
It sucks yet can taste so good.

Depression is a two year old child.
It wants what it wants and gets what it wants.

Depression is a tamed lion.
Mighty in presence but weak at heart.

Depression is a bad friend.
It makes you feel worse while making itself feel better.

Depression is a lousy parent.
It promises to be there when no one else will then isn’t. 

Depression is so many things.
Depression won’t get over on me again.

It can go f**k itself!!!
It will not win.