Cat of the night. Powerful and serene,

Confident and cool.

Fur the color of midnight.

Eyes that glow in the moonlight. 

Whiskers, filled with electric sensors guide gato de la noche on its journey. 

Ears perked, tail sleek and straight moving in sync with the body.

Claws sharpened, mouth moist with white teeth glistening.

El gato owns the night.

Feeding off the energy given by the starlight. 

Sleep is done in the day, while the night is spent on play.

Creative juices start flowing as my mind keeps on going.

El gato de la noche is who I am.

Wild and unable to tame.

Prefers shadows over limelight and fame.

A loner, hunter, and night stalker. 

A lover, fighter, and survivor.

A hero disguised as a villain, misunderstood.

Just another night for el gato.

Just another noches de insomnio for me.